Tuguegarao City

Tuguegarao City is the capital of the Province of Cagayan and the Regional Center of Cagayan Valley (Region 02). Historically, it is important as the provincial capital of the Province of Cagayan,  as a trading center for the Tobacco Monopoly and as the only center for the higher education in Northeast Luzon.It has a total area of 144.8 square kilometers.

The original inhabitants of Tuguegarao were the Irayas and the Itawes, who built houses and subsisted on fishing, hunting, farming, and livestock raising. They wove cloth and made household and farm implements.

The provincial capital of Cagayan was transferred from Lal-lo to Tuguegarao on May 24, 1839, with the division of “La Provincia de Cagayan” into the southern part called Nueva Vizcaya, and the northern part which retained the name Cagayan. Tuguegarao became the center of Region 2 in 1975.

Today, Tuguegaro City (December 18, 1999) is a bustling commercial, education and government center with tall buildings, sprawling school campuses and a government center site.

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