Hungry while on the road? If it happens that you suddenly felt hunger while you are on the road passing by Cabatuan Isabela or nearby towns, Tomgoots Resaturant is probably one of the best places for you. Tomgoots; a jumbled word from the Filipino word "gutom", which means hunger. From the name itself, this place aims to satisfy your hunger with their wide ranges of snacks and dishes.

Tomgoots Gourmet is located at Maharlika Hi-way, Diamantina, Cabatuan Isabela. More famously known as the Cauayan-Cabatuan-San Mateo Road. The best and nearest landmark to find this place is the F1 Gasoline Station.

Tomgoots is a very nice place if you want to dine or just have snacks. The main restaurant has lots of wonderfully designed furniture and is airconditioned. The interiors of the restaurant was absolutely amusing that you can find amazingly cute artworks and crafts that make the whole place vibrant and lively. There is also a big pavilion where you can rent out to make it private, and when it isn't rented, customers can use it if they prefer too. There are lots of nipa huts that serve as a perfect hang-out for those who want to chill and have some bottles of beers with lots of pulutan choices on their menu. A pizza or crispy pata will do perhaps? :)

As per usual, the following snacks and dishes are their current bestsellers,to give you a glimpse of taste on what they offer, so that you can feel "tomgoots" while reading this.


Crunchy, tender and flavorful. This sisig may be your typical sisig, but this sisig is crispy irresistible. This is absolutely not just a perfect match to rice but to a cold beer too! Their sizzling sisig is a must try; it is beyond the typical sisig that acquires the taste from the condiments you put. The Sizzling Sisig that they offer is something you can enjoy even without the condiments and for sure you'll still be satisfied.


If you are a non-meat eater and loves seafood, you will undoubtedly enjoy this dish. A squid perfectly cooked at the right timing and temperature to achieve a nice moist and tender texture of squid. The sauce and toppings were something that amplified the true savoriness of the squid. The chillies were really spicy but it's still tolerable; it's a kind of spice that will just boost your appetite. The texture of the squid was really perfect; it was tender juicy that you'll know that it was meticulously cooked.


Pancit maybe a typical choice for a carbohydrates-craving, but this dish is beyond the typicality of a pancit because its noodles is fried. What's so good about is that it's well-drained that you won't really notice that it was deep-fried. The noodles were really tasty that you can eat it alone, just like how you eat your favorite "chichirya" (chips). The seafood toppings were really appropriate to the noodles and the sauce. It was a dish that has its scrumptious dynamics; something crispy, moist and flavorful.


Aside from viands and noodles, Tomgoots also served pizza with different choices of flavors and toppings. Don't underestimate their pizza for they make their pizza from scratch. The dough they use in their pizza is freshly made, which make their pizza a very one of a kind pie. Their Chorizo Pizza is made from thin crust dough which is really crispy but not too dry, there's still that certain moist to contrast the crunchy texture. It was really cheesy, though the chorizo are not that in generous amount; probably because it was cut in big slices. But nevertheless, their pizza was surprisingly good.


Their gulaman tower was served not that cold because the ice are not yet doing its job. The taste of their drink is nice for it was not something too sweet. The staff suggested that we order other drinks because the gulaman will be stocked on the opening of the faucet that will make the flow limited. But we insist to order it, provided that they will separate the gulaman. Fortuantely, they were very nice to accommodate our request, despite having a lot of customers that time.

The overall appearance of Tomgoots was really fascinating. The interior lighting and temperature provide optimum comfort to all customers. The service was really good and all the foods (we ate) are really delicious. It was something I know I will go back to, for I am really satisfied. Visit Tomgoots and satisfy your hunger too. It's not just worth a try; it's really worth your time and money. Tomgoots ka na ba? Tara na! Kain na!

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