Canyon Hills Resort

Canyon Hills Resort
Canyon Hills Resort

Canyon Hills Resort is located at Maddarulug in the center of the Cagayan Valley on the island of Luzon in the Philippines -- near Tuguegarao City. Our Resort is located on approximately 8 hectares based in a canyon with a view of the neighboring hills. The area is beatifully landscaped and provides an ideal setting for recreation and relaxation. The large amount of available space provides accommodations for 500 persons. 24/7 guard is on duty. Explore the details of the facilities offered by clicking on any of the photos to the left or highlighted links below. The resort is available 7 days a week except when reserved.

Pools: The swimming pools are the most popular facility in our resort. Two large pools are available. The lower pool contains an adjacent kids pool. These pools employ the latest state-of-the-art equipment. All pools are vacuumed and skimmed daily and the water is filtered and sanitized continuously by automatic equipment. Separate Mens and Womens showers are located nearby.

VIP_Rooms: Several VIP rooms are available for day, night or day and night use. These rooms feature large beds and indoor or very close by private baths and shower. The balcony is ideal for overlooking the lower pool an stage. Family size rooms are nearby.

Conference_Rooms: The Conference Room capacity is 100 persons. Several conference tables allow an ideal place for off site meetings and seminars. Dining can also be arranged for large groups when requested in advanced.

Stage: The Stage is available for Graduations, Award Presentations, Movies, etc. Karaoke contests can be held using the Sing Along Machine.

Canteen: The Canteen is located with excellent access to both pools. Fully stocked supplies include snacks, beer and drinks.

Gazebo: The Gazebo is an ideal setting for small weddings and other events.

Comfort Rooms: Plenty of Comfort Rooms are available throughout the facility.

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